kuki seame seed oil dark


Characterized by the powerful, bold richness and fragrance of roasted sesame seeds, this style of sesame oil is finished with our traditional extraction method. The color and flavor of the oil is determined during the roasting process, by selecting different temperatures to obtain different results. Through deep roasting, Pure Sesame Oil (Dark) draws out a stronger color and fragrance than general sesame oils.

Use for: Ramen, Spicy tuna roll, Tempura.

PURE SESAME OIL(Dark) 6.2floz, 12.5floz, 56floz

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Pressing the roasted seeds at a low temperature reduces bitterness, and produces an oil with the subtle sesame seed aroma, accompanied with a mellow, rich flavor. Only the oil made from our carefully roasted sesame seeds at low temperatures and extracted by our traditional compression method are used in Pure Sesame Oil (Light). Like olive oil, drizzle it onto your favorite foods and enjoy the flavor along with its light, gentle nut-like scent. Perfect to make almost any dish, can be used as-is either as cooking oil, or as a seasoning to be used together with salt, pepper, or other condiments.

Use for: Baguettes, tofu, pasta, sashimi, white fishes etc.


As a comprehensive manufacturer of sesame, we took into consideration many ways that we could socially contribute to society through our brand. We decided upon releasing an oil to show our support for global Fair Trade. Kuki’s Fair Trade Sesame Oil became the first fair trade certified sesame oil in all of Japan. We only roast the most aromatic, highest quality white sesame seeds, which are carefully watched over and grown by the Delcampo Agricultural Cooperative in Nicaragua . Only the very first pressed oils from the sesame seed are used in this product. Enjoy the beautiful fragrance and mellow flavor of this fairly traded oil!

Use for: Soups, Japanese food, stir-fried food, dressings